Sell and Rent my house, apartment or property without real estate
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Sell and Rent my house, flat or property easily through a 360 degree tour.



If you are an owner who wants to sell or rent his house, flat or property easily, you are in best place!


Save Money.


With virtual tours, you do not need a Real Estate agency for show your property. You can do it yourself by sending the virtual tour to any person or client who wants to buy or rent your property.

You will safe them from viewing your home when you least expect it. And that you have to undo your own plans to attend the viewing your home “when you least expect it”. And you not finish your plans to attend the meetings for Real Estates.

Selling your house, flat or property without Real Estate you will saving a lot of money! If you want to sell your house without paying commissions, this is the money that you will save:

► The average price that Real Estate agencies charge in Spain for selling any house, flat or property is 3,000 €. You must be added the VAT of 630 €. And the amount is 3,630 €.

► If Real Estate wants to charge a commission, the amount that you have to pay is higher. The average commissions that Real Estate companies charge in Spain is usually, between 3% and 5% of the sale price to the property.

Let’s see the following example. If price of your house is 250,000 € and the agency wants to charge you the 3% of commission, you will pay the amount of 7,500 € plus VAT of 1,575 €, an amount of 9,075 €.


With the virtual tours of mycasa360, you will save a lot of money.


Greater Comfort for you.


You can show your property from anywhere and any time.


Have all the comfort for show your property!


Greater Security for you.


With virtual tours you will have the control and the security for sale your property. You know who is going to see your property.


Save Time and Forces.


We want to be honest with you, selling or renting a property is a hard work.


We also want that you will save a lot of time and forces, because:


You won’t have to prepare hundreds of appointments.


The average time of an appointment is 1 hour. Also think about the time you must invest before each appointment: clean the house, tidy up the house, prepare to receive clients, show property and explain the details and features.


The clients won’t waste your time.


You will avoid the clients who go to see your property and do not have a real interest: they do not like, not convince, and others…


Virtual tours allow this not to happen. Since the client knows perfectly how is your property: knows condition, distribution and features.


Share your property with your contacts and friends.


Share your property with your contacts and friends through social media. You will see how you get many people quickly for your property.


See virtual tour of property.



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